My joy and purpose at The Whole Family is to educate and inspire parents and children to live together with love, respect and cooperation. I provide tools to achieve “family wholeness” by combining evidence-based curriculum with real life effective relationship skills.

My formula for success: Positive Family Relationships Begin With You™

ShaRon Rea’s greatest trait is compassion. She has a joy-filled spirit that is enhanced by her love for humanity and ability to make people feel comfortable in her presence. Compassion is also what led to her current pursuit: building her company, The Whole Family – Parent Coaching and Mentoring. ShaRon is a single mom who knows firsthand how difficult it is to raise teenagers and to get through a divorce. She did both at the same time and was determined to emerge whole and happy. Now as a certified life coach, she empowers parents when they are frustrated with the twists and turns of the teen years or struggling to heal and find happiness again after divorce. She coaches with a compassionate heart and teaches specific parenting skills to help parents manage the day to day challenges of raising their children.

Her personal story includes navigating her own divorce (after 21 years of marriage) creating an effective co-parenting relationship with her former spouse and helping her children adjust to their new family structure in Scottsdale, Arizona.

ShaRon enjoys playing tennis, traveling and cooking. For her daughters, she represents love and wisdom. By her friends, she is admired for her integrity, vision, belief in the power of intuition and her constant ability to soar above the illusion of limits.

The Whole Family Parent Coaching and Mentoring will help you be a more confident parent, less controlled and overwhelmed by stress.  My programs are filled with helpful information you can use in your own family. With this knowledge and confidence you are more calm and able to focus your efforts on being a positive leader in your family.

Parents Gain

  • Improved parenting skills
  • A variety of techniques to manage day to day challenges
  • Greater understanding of their child’s development
  • Ability to prevent problems before they escalate
  • More time for yourself
  • Enjoy being a parent!

Children Achieve

  • Greater self confidence – self esteem
  • Coping skills
  • More success in school, sports, and beyond
  • A positive attitude
  • Confident communication abilities
  • Enjoy being a kid…teen…young adult!

Families Triumph

  • Peaceful home through enhanced family bonds
  • Common vocabulary for effective communication
  • Family members feel safe, loved and accepted
  • Family Values defined
  • Responsible and cooperative family members
  • High quality of life – more fun!