Parenting After Divorce

“A study of children six years after a parental marriage breakup revealed that even after all that time, these children tended to be “lonely, unhappy, anxious and insecure.”—Wallerstein, “The Long-Term Effects of Divorce on Children.” Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 1991.

Right now, no matter where you are in the process of your divorce, you can take action so your child does not become a statistic.

Divorce Hurts..Hope is Here:
ShaRon Rea, Certified Life and Parenting Coach discusses the impact of divorce on parents and children at the North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, Tuesday January 14th, 2014.

The ACE study is the largest scientific study that links 10 adverse childhood experiences in the home to the risk of developing our nation’s leading health problems, preventable death and social problems later on as adults. Divorce is on the list with other Adverse Childhood Experiences like recurring physical and emotional abuse, growing up with an alcohol or drug abuser, or a family member in jail.

Contact me directly for more personal support as you parent through divorce. Share your frustrations and uncertainty about your future in a safe, non-judgmental and loving environment. I will listen and guide you, with personalized questions that help you discover and recover your strength to know that you can be a confident, happy parent again. You will learn specific parenting skills that have proven to be successful. From this place of strength, you will be empowered to move beyond the pain of the past and create the life you desire for yourself and your children.

ShaRon Rea – Parenting Coach and Mentor

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ShaRon’s new Minibuk – Children and Divorce: Parenting Tips to Help Your Family Cope and Adjust- is perfect in size and content. She is especially proud that her daughters are contributors having written the foreword and created the art work.

This parent’s guide lists behaviors your child may display and the specific actions you can take to calm them as they adjust to your family’s new lifestyle after divorce. Keep this MiniBük handy and use it as a resource to help your child as they mature through different ages and stages of their growth.

“Not only does ShaRon write as a parent who has been through this process, but the inclusion of her daughters in the final project shows that when done right, it is possible to heal after a divorce.” -Ron Lasorsa, Kids Come First Coalition